Demolition Derby & Fireworks

Demolition Derby & Fireworks picture

Demolition Derby & Fireworks

June 25, 2016 - 6:30 p.m.
Fentress County Fairgrounds
Jamestown, Tennessee 38556

Gate Admission - $5.00  -  Exhibitors Fee $50.00
For More Information Contact Darrell Wright 931-704-0852

2 BIg classes!

V8 - Stock
4 Cylinder Stock

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Paying out




PAY OUT in Both V8 & 4 Cylinder Stock Classes
1st place - $1,000.00
2nd place - $500.00
3rd place - $250.00

$5.00 Per Person
5 & under FREE


Entry fee will be taken at the gate,  if you don't pass inspection you will not be refunded.

All cars must be there by 5:00 for inspection



Jamestown, Tennessee 38556

June 25, 2016 - 6:30 p.m.

Demo Derby 2017 Flyer


  • • Judges will rule on the classification of any vehicle competing on an individual basis and their decision is final.
  • • No modifications of motor, drive train, tires, bumpers, frame, rear end, drive shaft or any other part of the car may be made except specified in these rules. Any stock passenger car or station wagon, foreign or domestic will be allowed.
  • • Maximum of 108 inch wheelbase is required for compact events. Minimum of 100 inch wheelbase is required for stock events. Judges will rule on the classification of any car competing on an individual basis and their decision is final. No trucks, jeeps, hearses, limousines, Lincoln or Chrysler Imperials allowed.
  • • All doors must be secured. Doors must be chained, bolted or wired, but must be secured in an acceptable manner. Tailgates on wagons must be chained, bolted, or wired. Do not weld tailgates.
  • • Driver protection is highly recommended. No more than half cage is allowed. Cage protection must be bolted in. (No Welds) A heavy bar between the front center of the roof at the windshield opening and the top center of the firewall is (REQUIRED)!
  • • No body or frame reinforcing will be allowed.
  • • Bumpers must be a stock passenger car bumper with no modifications.
  • • The hood and trunk must be wired down with four pieces of #9 wire or light chain. The hood and trunk must also be secured with four bolts each no larger than ¾” diameter. Hoods, trunks, and tailgates must open for inspection upon request of officials.
  • • Radiators must remain in stock position.
  • • Gas tanks are to be removed and a fuel tank in the back floor board - where back seat is.
  • • Battery is to be placed in the front passenger side of the car.
  • • All frames must remain in OEM stock. Don’t add cable, wire, or chain tensioning in or outside the frame. Any driver caught with an altered frame at check in will not be allowed to enter that car. (NO QUESTIONS)
  • • Inner fenders may not be secured in any extra way.
  • • Suspension must remain stock. All cars must have some give or bounce. No stiff suspensions. Do not weld suspension components including upper and lower control arms, tie rods, etc.
  • • Frame must remain stock. Absolutely no filler, no concrete, no reinforcement of any kind inside or outside of the frame. Do not weld frame seams. Repairs must be made to a broken or rusted frame and must meet approval of officials. Do not use camouflage materials on the frame
  • • Engine maybe any make – i.e.: Chevy engine in Dodge or Ford or vice versa as long as it is stock.
  • • Exhaust may be redirected upward, through the hood.
  • • Transmission cooler are NOT permitted.
  • TIRES: • Only standard stock original equipment passenger car tires are permitted, mud grips ok, NO bobcat tires, etc.
  • • No welding or reinforcing of wheels is allowed.
  • REMOVE: Interior, all body trim, body clips, glass, plastic grills and composite body parts.

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