Bids For Grounds Keeper

Bids are being accepted for a clean-up crew for the Fentress County Fairgrounds.  Cleaning will be for all Fentress County Fair events.  Please find a complete list of expected duties below or you may pick up a copy from Jimmy Sweet at Sweets Auto Parts or Cindy Smith at Advance Imaging.  Please mail sealed bids to Groundskeeper, P.O. Box 1600, Jamestown, TN 38556 or deliver to Advance Imaging or Sweets Auto Parts by March 10th.  The Fentress County Fair has the right to reject any and all bids.  If you have questions please contact Cindy Smith (931) 397-6363, Jimmy Sweet (931) 879-3814 or Chris Watson (931) 261-5263



Fentress County Agricultural Clean-up Crew Responsibilities

Supplies will be stored under the grandstands; keys to the dispensers will be kept under the grandstands also at all times unless being used.

Cleaning committee is responsible for working with the fairboard to keep needed supplies including: Trash bags (Large Contractors bags & small for bathrooms), Cleaning supplies for bathrooms (Lysol, bleach, glass cleaner, etc.)  Cleaning crew is also responsible for keeping up with inventory of toilet paper and paper towels.  Also responsible for keeping supplies neatly organized.

Also responsible for keeping dumpsters dumped as needed (Solid Waste (931) 879-1135)


Pre and/or Post Fair Events

(There are a couple pre events that the midway bathrooms will be used need to follow the

same instruction as listed for bathrooms.  Events include Pullin’ on the Mountain)


  • Trash cans must be lined 5 hours prior to event (In any areas to be use
  • Bathrooms must be checked for cleanliness BEFORE (5 hours prior & unlocked) event: make sure toilets cleaned, trash cans lined, floors sweep/moped.
  • Bathroom must be stocked with soap, paper towels and toilet paper (in canisters, not on counter top or on top of toilet paper dispensers).


  • 1 Male and 1 Female on site at all times to take care of restrooms. Restrooms need to be check at least hourly.  Keep all items stocked, trash removed and toilets cleaned & flushed.  Also to address any problems such as stopped up toilets, leaks, etc.
  • Someone to walk grounds … watch trash cans and pull bags if needed, pick up trash if needed during event.


  • NIGHT OF EVENT Bathrooms need to be checked for running water and locked up
  • Bathrooms cleaned. (All trash removed and toilets, sinks, mirrors and floors cleaned)
  • Trash cans empted, if there is trash under the bag clean that also.
  • Pick up all trash on all the grounds, in the bleachers, grandstands, barn, etc.


PRIOR TO FAIR WEEK (with in the week before)    (this day will be a pay day)

  • Sweep & Mop Women’s building
  • Clean bathrooms, toilets, mirrors and floor & stock toilet paper, paper towels and soap (in dispensers)
  • Sweep the Commercial Building
  • Clean glass doors (inside & out)



  • All the above per event
  • Trash must be picked up on the grounds after events before 8:00 a.m.
  • An additional male and female to cover the bathrooms on the midway (nightly)
    • Midway Bathrooms must be cleaned daily (empty trash, sweep, moped, toilets cleaned, sinks and mirrors cleaned (entrance way needs to be swept also).
    • Midway Bathrooms must be stocked (toilet paper, paper towels and soap)
  • Nightly walk through the Women’s Building and the Commercial Building
    • Sweeping any trash needed. Spot mop if needed.
    • Pull all trash in all cans and take to dumpster
    • Clean bathrooms (both) cleaning toilet, sink & mirror, sweeping & spot moping if needed
  • Check on the back porch of the Office and take garbage to the dumpsters
  • Keep an eye on the Large Dumpster at the main gate and contact Solid Waste when it needs to be dumped (931) 879-1135

The Monday following Fair week will be clean up for the final day.

ALL TRASH ON THE GROUNDS needs to be cleaned and put in storage, all dumpsters dumped.

All Bathrooms checked and cleaned completely (not stocked)

Changes may be made with agreement of the cleaning crew


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